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Now that’s a great question!

I was recently asked an interesting question “Is it unusual that we are using Laserfiche Workflow, because it seems that many organizations similar to ours are not?”  Here was my response to her:

“I would say that you are ahead of many organizations your size.  They are just starting to realize that they need to work on their business processes, automating as many as possible.  I am working with a few clients similar to you and they are in the most difficult phase:  the definition phase.  During this phase, we found that the processes that management put in place were not often what was happening on a day-to-day basis.  It is quite time-consuming to follow the process, document what is actually happening, and then define what the correct process should be.  You have already done.

“Many organizations have not taken the steps you have because; they think it is too time consuming to define the process, the software is too expensive, and their staff does not have time to learn something new.

“But the organizations that have implemented Laserfiche Workflow have found that saving time is just one of the benefits they received.  Other benefits are:

1.       Management now knows exactly what the business process (workflow) is and that it was being followed each and every time.

2.       Training of new employees is easier because they don’t have to learn the business process rules, they just need to complete their part of the process, and Laserfiche Workflow takes care of the rest.

3.       Management can be alerted when a certain process is not completed in a timely manner.

4.       It is much easier to find where a file is in the process, rather than physically searching the office to find who has the file.

5.       The organization is less dependent on key employees who know the business process.

6.       The workflow does not stop if an employee is on vacation or leaves the organization.


“So, you are on the right track using Laserfiche Workflow.  And, in the near future, many organizations similar to yours will be doing the same.”

Larry Phelps

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