How much time searching for information?

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Percentage of Time the Average Worker Spends Searching for Information

A study done by the Delphi Group (copyright 2011), “The High Cost of Knowledge” has some important details that I think you will be interested in. In a survey of over 1000 office workers in mid to large size companies, they asked “how much time do you spend searching for information to get your job done”.

The answer to this question may surprise you. In the age of high speed personal computers, electronic document management systems, and access to such things as Google, the response to this survey question was:
– 66% spend at least 15% of their day searching
– 39% spend over 25% of their day searching for information.

The chart above shows the details by percentage of the day.

What is surprising to me is that the results of studies done in the ’90’s were about the same as this recent study. From this information, it is apparent to me that even with the advancements of technology, the average user is still very inefficient.

There are several things that I think contribute to this inefficiency. First, is that the information and systems that a worker much search for information has become increasing complex. And secondly, due to the down-sizing of organizations, workers are now doing the jobs that several workers were doing previously.

What is the solution? I think that implementing document management systems, such as Laserfiche, that have extremely efficient search capabilities and have the ability to automate business process with workflow will help worker increase their efficiencies.

I liked the conclusion that the Delphi Group ended their article with: “Ultimately our ability to provide knowledge workers with better tools with which to do their jobs will determine how quickly we can accelerate the growth and economic prosperity needed to create new innovations and new jobs – making this jobless recover and every future one as short as possible!”

The tools are available to make workers more efficient. In this past year I have helped organizations implement Laserfiche Document Management and Workflow software. I have seen amazing increases in user productivity using this tool, Laserfiche.

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Community Action for Suburban Hennepin Laserfiche Document Management Success Story

Cindy Hamilton from the Community Action for Suburban Hennepin, Minneapolis, Minnesota explains how in two short years they eliminated 7 years of financial records and energy assistance records. Laserfiche has made their organization run more efficiently and allowed them to more effectively serve the needs of low income families. Now all their paper documents have been scanned and are instantly available in Laserfiche Document Management Software.

Here is a video telling her story:

If you would rather read the story, here it is:
Laserfiche Helps Meet Needs of Low Income Families in Minneapolis Minnesota
Larry Phelps
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YouTube Video – 7 Ingredients to a Successful Electronic Document Management/Imaging (EDM) Project

If you are thinking about implementing paper-less technology in your organization, but don’t know how to even begin the process. I have some help for you. I was in that exact situation and as a result, I created a helpful list of items you should consider if you want to have a successful outcome.

I hope you find it helpful in your search for a electronic document management system to help your organization become more efficient.

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Minneapolis Minnesota manufacturer uses Laserfiche to improve customer service

Viking Materials Minneapolis Minnesota Use Laserfiche Document Management Software

Viking Materials uses Laserfiche to quickly find quality forms to make their shipping process more efficient and give better customer service. See article: Minnepolis Manufacturer uses Laserfiche

Laserfiche – PeopleSoft Integration Video

Here is a short video to describe the Laserfiche to PeopleSoft integration that we did for the Star Tribune.

IC System, one of the nations largest collection agencies, implements Laserfiche to streamline their collection process

*IC SYSTEM, INC., OF ST. PAUL, MN, ONE OF THE LARGEST privately owned accounts receivable management companies in the US, has chosen Laserfiche as the engine for an enterprisewide document management solution.  The company is the most recent of several companies in that industry to do so.

They’re starting scanning in their contracts and then  integrated Laserfiche with their collections application.

The integration enables their collection agents to bring up background documentation such as signed invoices and contracts while they are on the phone.  It’s is very valuable tool.

Since both their application and Laserfiche used MS SQL databases, the ease of deployment, intergation, and maintenance as key factors in IC System’s decision.

IC System uses Laserfiche

Founded in 1938, IC System has a staff of more than 900 serving a customer base of more than 30,000.

Top 10 Excuses to Remain in a Paper-Mess

For many of us, top ten lists have been a part of our late night routine.  We stayed up to watch David Letterman’s monologue because it was alway funny and entertaining.

I have found a top ten list developed by a non-profit organization, AIIM, that helps people find, control, and optimize their information.  It gives the top 10 excuses for not considering a document imaging system this year.

If you have been looking at implementing a document imaging system such as Laserfiche, you may be asking, will this technology help my business be more efficient?  How do I justify this expense at this time?  What is my return on investment (ROI)?

I think that AIIM’s short videos will help answer all of these questions and more:

Excuse 1:

Excuse 2:

Excuse 3:

Excuse 4:

Excuse 5:

Excuse 6:

Excuse 7:

Excuse 8:

Excuse 9:

Excuse 10:

If you would like more info on and the answer to these excuses click here.

I hope you find this helpful in considering if now is a good time to implement Laserfiche document imaging and management software.

Larry Phelps


Minneapolis, Minnesota