Guess what’s new with Laserfiche Document Management Software

Laserfiche Secret Revealed

I just wanted to let you know that Laserfiche Document Management Software just release a new version with many exciting new features.

This is a major release and contains numerous new features, fixes, and significant performance enhancements. Including better support for PDF’s, encryption, Microsoft 2010 Office, and scanning. For more details go to:
Laserfiche Document Management Software Minneapolis Minnesota

Help your organization, Help your community

Opportunity Partners has brought Solbrekk Business Technology Solutions on board as a partner in launching an expanded array of document management solutions. We are happy to be a part of their mission of assisting people with disabilities to obtain meaningful employment.

You may have tasks such as document preparation, scanning and document destruction
that your staff does not have the time to do. Opportunity Partners can help you by providing people who enjoy and excel at these repetitive tasks. For more information go to:

Learn more about Opportunity Partners click here

New Canon Scanner

Canon DR-6010C
Canon DR-6010C

DR-6010C Highlighted Abilities and Benefits:
• Rapid scanning speeds of up to 60 pages / 120 images per minute, in both color and black & white, assure maximum document throughput at all points of capture
• Small design fits readily where desktop space is at a premium
• High-end feeding mechanisms and processing features ensure reliable batch handling
• Sophisticated imaging functions capture documents true to their original form
• Programmable scanning tasks afford an easy, user-friendly experience

Great new Canon Scanner

If you are looking for a good desktop scanner for using with your Laserfiche document imaging, you should look at the Canon 3010C.

Canon 3010c Scanner
Canon 3010c Scanner
30 page per min
color scanner with 50 page sheet feeder
Document  Width: 2″ – 8.5″  Length: 2.1″ – 14″

So you’ve decided to implement a document management system at your business…now who is going to do all that work?

Choose CHOICE, Inc. to help you convert your paper documents to electronic files!  People from CHOICE, Inc. are people with developmental disabilities who know how to get the job done.
Choice will place workers onsite to:
      – Prepare documents:  pull paper clips, staples, and post-it notes from
        paper, stack paper neatly 
      – Scan documents:  feed pages into scanner and ensure documents are filed
        on the electronic database
      – Destroy documents:  if necessary, shred paper documents after they’re
CHOICE, Inc. is a non-profit entity dedicated to the creation of labor solutions since 1969–serving over 70 companies currently.  They provide an individual or a group supervised by one of our staff to complete your work, and they are an affordable option for quality services.  Employers choose Choice because they are dependable and competent.  Call the Job Developer today at 952-474-9510 for a free phone consultation and quote.  You may also visit for more information.

Now that’s a great question!

I was recently asked an interesting question “Is it unusual that we are using Laserfiche Workflow, because it seems that many organizations similar to ours are not?”  Here was my response to her:

“I would say that you are ahead of many organizations your size.  They are just starting to realize that they need to work on their business processes, automating as many as possible.  I am working with a few clients similar to you and they are in the most difficult phase:  the definition phase.  During this phase, we found that the processes that management put in place were not often what was happening on a day-to-day basis.  It is quite time-consuming to follow the process, document what is actually happening, and then define what the correct process should be.  You have already done.

“Many organizations have not taken the steps you have because; they think it is too time consuming to define the process, the software is too expensive, and their staff does not have time to learn something new.

“But the organizations that have implemented Laserfiche Workflow have found that saving time is just one of the benefits they received.  Other benefits are:

1.       Management now knows exactly what the business process (workflow) is and that it was being followed each and every time.

2.       Training of new employees is easier because they don’t have to learn the business process rules, they just need to complete their part of the process, and Laserfiche Workflow takes care of the rest.

3.       Management can be alerted when a certain process is not completed in a timely manner.

4.       It is much easier to find where a file is in the process, rather than physically searching the office to find who has the file.

5.       The organization is less dependent on key employees who know the business process.

6.       The workflow does not stop if an employee is on vacation or leaves the organization.


“So, you are on the right track using Laserfiche Workflow.  And, in the near future, many organizations similar to yours will be doing the same.”

Larry Phelps

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Scanning and Storing PDF’s can be a Dangerous Practice

I think scanning your paperwork and storing them as PDF’s on your server isn’t much better than just keeping the paper!  Now, many of you who have read other articles I have written or who have talked to me, know that I am totally sold on document imaging technology.  So, why am I saying that scanning isn’t a whole lot better?  Because the reason we store documents, either paper or digitally, is so that we can find them when we need them.

Can’t find the file:

If you are scanning and storing PDF’s on a drive, it often becomes difficult to find the document you want.  You have to know the name of the document you need.  This is not evident at first when you begin scanning, because you have only a few documents.  But, as time goes on, you have many documents, and not knowing the exact name, you may have to open each one at a time until you find the one you want.  This is not much different that rummaging through a four-drawer filing cabinet and it is just as time- consuming.

PDF’s can be a security risk:

I think using PDF’s as your archival format is not a good business decision because your PDF’s may contain dangerous code execution vulnerability or malware.  For example, a flaw in Adobe 8.1 could allow hackers to include dangerous code in PDF files to take control of Window XP computers.  For more details see:  If you think this is an isolated case where PDF’s may be a risk, read this article:

Can’t open PDF file:

Not long ago, I tried to open a PDF that was an important contract a client sent me.  I got the following message on my computer monitor:  “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.”  I did a Google search on “corrupt PDF” and found nearly 1,000,000 hits.  I found that there are programs to repair corrupt files and even companies that specialize in attempting to recover severely corrupted files.  Luckily, the client was able to find a copy of the PDF that was not corrupt; otherwise, the details of the contract could have been permanently lost.

Can’t secure the PDF files:

Storing your important documents on your network seems very easy.  You can even develop a good directory structure that makes storing and filing PDF’s a snap.  But, securing it is much more difficult.  How do you keep someone from renaming, moving, viewing (if they shouldn’t have access), or editing archived PDF documents? 

I recently met with an organization that had done a wonderful job scanning their important documents and storing them in a very organized manner on their network.  They had a new employee who was assigned the task of scanning.  Everything was going just fine until someone could not find an important document.  It was then that they noticed that many files had been inadvertently moved to the wrong directories.  They didn’t have a naming convention, index, or anything that could help them determine which files were in wrong directories.  They had a mess on their hands.

I did a little Google ™ searching to see what others are saying about using pdf’s and here is what I found:

 “pdf are crap”  4,830,000 hits

 “‘pdf unreadable” 5,770,000 hits 

“pdf corrupt” 6,940,000 hits

“pdf suck” 7,830,000 hits

“pdf terrible” 11,800,000 hits

“hate pdf” 27,000,000 hits

“pdf evil” 34,000,000 hits

“pdf are bad” 169,000,000 hits

So, what is the answer?

I don’t know how many times I have been told “I don’t need a document imaging system, I store my documents on PDF’s on my network.”  Remember, the reason you are storing documents is to find them when you need them!  Document imaging systems allow you to find a document quickly without knowing the name or where it is stored.  With indexes and full-text search capability, in just seconds you have the document you need. 


Larry Phelps

Solbrekk, Inc

Minneapolis, Minnesota



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