RE Residence uses Laserfiche Document Management to Help Staff Become More Efficient, Minneapolis Minnesota

Corrine from NE Residence tells what the ROI (return on investement) is for their Laserfche Document Management system (EDMS).

Tornado Damage – Building and Documents Destroyed

tornado demands disaster recover plan for document management Minneapolis Minnesota
tornado demands disaster recover plan implementation Minneapolis Minnesota

On Sunday, May 22nd – a massive tornado ripped through downtown Joplin, MO destroying 80% of the city. One technology company SNC Squared, had it’s office reduced to a pile of rubble (see picture to the right). Fortunately, all their employees and family are all okay. However, they are faced with a massive cleanup effort. And, they needed to help 20 of their medical clients (all physician’s offices) to get back up and running quickly.

As you can see, these organizations lost everything including all their paper documents. If they had a electronic document management system such as Laserfiche and they had an offsite backup, their documents would be safe and there is less chance that their business would be destroyed.

I am sure these companies had insurance to protect their building and equipment. Laserfiche could be your insurance for your critical paper documents. Very seldom does any one consider “what is the ROI on my business insurance”. The same should apply to a document management system. But, from time to time people ask me, “what is the ROI for Laserfiche?” If the picture above was your business, the ROI of Laserfiche document management software would be a no-brainer.

Larry Phelps
Minneapolis, Minnesota

YouTube Video – 7 Ingredients to a Successful Electronic Document Management/Imaging (EDM) Project

If you are thinking about implementing paper-less technology in your organization, but don’t know how to even begin the process. I have some help for you. I was in that exact situation and as a result, I created a helpful list of items you should consider if you want to have a successful outcome.

I hope you find it helpful in your search for a electronic document management system to help your organization become more efficient.

Larry Phelps
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Minneapolis Minnesota Laserfiche User Group

If you are a Laserfiche users in the Minneapolis Minnesota area and would like to connect with other local users. Look at joining the local user group. Here is information on the next meeing.

Minnesota Laserfiche User Group
November 10, 2010 Agenda
10 am – 12 pm

Meeting Location: Ramsey County Public Works
Marsden Conference Room
1425 Paul Kirkwold Drive
Arden Hills, MN 55112

Larry Phelps
Solbrekk, Minneapolis Minnesota

Laserfiche Training in Minneapolis Minnesota

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Laserfiche is giving away free user licenses right now

Laserfiche announced their new, third quarter sales promotion: Buy ten named Avante users and get two users free! There is no limit on the number of free users you can get through this promotion, and it applies to both:
• Avante upgrades.
• New purchases for new and existing customers.

You also receive free Web Access and Audit Trail seats when these modules are included in the system purchase. Please note that your customers must purchase LSAP coverage for all of their free seats.

If you are still using Laserfiche Standard Edition or Team Edition and would like to use the capability of Laserfiche Workflow, now would be a good time to look into upgrading.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Larry Phelps
Minneapolis, MN

IC System, one of the nations largest collection agencies, implements Laserfiche to streamline their collection process

*IC SYSTEM, INC., OF ST. PAUL, MN, ONE OF THE LARGEST privately owned accounts receivable management companies in the US, has chosen Laserfiche as the engine for an enterprisewide document management solution.  The company is the most recent of several companies in that industry to do so.

They’re starting scanning in their contracts and then  integrated Laserfiche with their collections application.

The integration enables their collection agents to bring up background documentation such as signed invoices and contracts while they are on the phone.  It’s is very valuable tool.

Since both their application and Laserfiche used MS SQL databases, the ease of deployment, intergation, and maintenance as key factors in IC System’s decision.

IC System uses Laserfiche

Founded in 1938, IC System has a staff of more than 900 serving a customer base of more than 30,000.

Changing their default email font saves an organization thousand of dollars! Does that sound crazy to you?

The University of Wisconsin has made a simple change that will save them thousands of dollars.  They have changed the default font on their email system to Century Gothic, which uses about 30% less ink than Arial.

It seems amazing that a simple change like this can save so much money, but doesn’t it make you think? Why are they printing all these emails?

I saw a demo of a product that answers this question.  You have probably been emailed a PDF that you had to print to fill out a form.  That form is then faxed and printed, someone manually enters the data from the form, and then the form is filed.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if that form was filled out online, the data automatically entered, and the form electronically filed.  That would save a lot more money than changing a font.

See credit application form example:

See simple engineer change form example:

Why should you consider implementing Laserfiche Document Imaging?

 In the past several months I have asked this question to several people and here are their answers:

 “We are running out of filing space in our office and expanding this building would cost us over $300,000. Laserfiche will cost us a fraction of that price.”

“I have been doing this job for over 25 years and I know too much. I can find important documents because of what I remember. If I leave, that knowledge is gone and so is the ability to find those documents.”

“We get requests for information that is in storage. It typically takes us 2 or 3 days to get back to our customers.”

“Our off-site document storage costs us over $750 per month and the cost is climbing. I would rather put that money toward document imaging.”

“We manually route paper job folders through our plant to manage our production. Automating this with Laserfiche Workflow would help us be more efficient.”

“We are storing so much paper, you can’t even imagine. I knew an imaging system would help us. But when I saw Laserfiche, I was amazed. I can see so many ways it can help us. I had no idea something as powerful as Quickfields existed.”

Top 10 Excuses to Remain in a Paper-Mess

For many of us, top ten lists have been a part of our late night routine.  We stayed up to watch David Letterman’s monologue because it was alway funny and entertaining.

I have found a top ten list developed by a non-profit organization, AIIM, that helps people find, control, and optimize their information.  It gives the top 10 excuses for not considering a document imaging system this year.

If you have been looking at implementing a document imaging system such as Laserfiche, you may be asking, will this technology help my business be more efficient?  How do I justify this expense at this time?  What is my return on investment (ROI)?

I think that AIIM’s short videos will help answer all of these questions and more:

Excuse 1:

Excuse 2:

Excuse 3:

Excuse 4:

Excuse 5:

Excuse 6:

Excuse 7:

Excuse 8:

Excuse 9:

Excuse 10:

If you would like more info on and the answer to these excuses click here.

I hope you find this helpful in considering if now is a good time to implement Laserfiche document imaging and management software.

Larry Phelps


Minneapolis, Minnesota