Changing their default email font saves an organization thousand of dollars! Does that sound crazy to you?

The University of Wisconsin has made a simple change that will save them thousands of dollars.  They have changed the default font on their email system to Century Gothic, which uses about 30% less ink than Arial.

It seems amazing that a simple change like this can save so much money, but doesn’t it make you think? Why are they printing all these emails?

I saw a demo of a product that answers this question.  You have probably been emailed a PDF that you had to print to fill out a form.  That form is then faxed and printed, someone manually enters the data from the form, and then the form is filed.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if that form was filled out online, the data automatically entered, and the form electronically filed.  That would save a lot more money than changing a font.

See credit application form example:

See simple engineer change form example:

So you’ve decided to implement a document management system at your business…now who is going to do all that work?

Choose CHOICE, Inc. to help you convert your paper documents to electronic files!  People from CHOICE, Inc. are people with developmental disabilities who know how to get the job done.
Choice will place workers onsite to:
      – Prepare documents:  pull paper clips, staples, and post-it notes from
        paper, stack paper neatly 
      – Scan documents:  feed pages into scanner and ensure documents are filed
        on the electronic database
      – Destroy documents:  if necessary, shred paper documents after they’re
CHOICE, Inc. is a non-profit entity dedicated to the creation of labor solutions since 1969–serving over 70 companies currently.  They provide an individual or a group supervised by one of our staff to complete your work, and they are an affordable option for quality services.  Employers choose Choice because they are dependable and competent.  Call the Job Developer today at 952-474-9510 for a free phone consultation and quote.  You may also visit for more information.

Go Green!

We hear a lot these days about our environment and how we should be more “green.”  Normally, we think of recycling, emissions, and use of chemicals, but have you heard one of the new buzz-words, “Green IT?”  Here is the definition I found on Webopedia:  “Green IT:  also called green computing, Green IT describes the study and the using of computer resources in an efficient way. Green IT starts with manufacturers producing environmentally-friendly products and encouraging IT departments to consider more friendly options like virtualization, power management, and proper recycling habits.  The government has also recently proposed new compliance regulations which would work toward certifying data centers as green.  Some criteria include using low-emission building materials, recycling, using alternative energy technologies, and other green technologies.”


If you are concerned about the environment, there is a technology that is making huge strides to help the environment, but it is probably not something you would normally think of.  Here is a good article describing how Laserfiche document imaging is helping our environment.  See:


If you have not implemented document imaging into your organization, maybe now is the time to “go green.”