Minnesota IIA finds Laserfiche Document Management solution a welcome relief

Minnesota Independent Insurance Agency moves from Docuware to Laserfiche and finds all the headaches and problems goes away.

“night and day difference”

RE Residence uses Laserfiche Document Management to Help Staff Become More Efficient, Minneapolis Minnesota

Corrine from NE Residence tells what the ROI (return on investement) is for their Laserfche Document Management system (EDMS).

Save the Date for Laserfiche User Conference 2012

Laserfiche document management class, Minneapolis Minnesota
Laserfiche Training Class
Save the Date for Empower 2012
January 25-27, 2012 – Anaheim Marriott

If you are a Laserfiche user and would like to have indepth training, this is the event of the year for you. There will be hundreds of classes, user success stories, round table discusssions, and hands-on training opportunities.
For more details on the Laserfiche event, click here: Laserfiche Annual User Conference

Larry Phelps
Solbrekk, Inc
Minneapolis, Minnesota

YouTube Video – 7 Ingredients to a Successful Electronic Document Management/Imaging (EDM) Project

If you are thinking about implementing paper-less technology in your organization, but don’t know how to even begin the process. I have some help for you. I was in that exact situation and as a result, I created a helpful list of items you should consider if you want to have a successful outcome.

I hope you find it helpful in your search for a electronic document management system to help your organization become more efficient.

Larry Phelps
Larry Phelps Web Site

Guess what’s new with Laserfiche Document Management Software

Laserfiche Secret Revealed

I just wanted to let you know that Laserfiche Document Management Software just release a new version with many exciting new features.

This is a major release and contains numerous new features, fixes, and significant performance enhancements. Including better support for PDF’s, encryption, Microsoft 2010 Office, and scanning. For more details go to:
Laserfiche Document Management Software Minneapolis Minnesota

Beware Storing PDF’s could be a problem

PDF virus

If you are storing PDF’s on you network or in you document imaging system, beware they may contain viruses.
Click here for article on PDF Virus

Larry Phelps
Minneapolis Minnesota

Laserfiche Information Minneapolis Minnesota

Big Problem; Simple Solution

electronic document management

Big Problem:

A customer recently contacted us with this problem: They have been using a 2-page Excel spreadsheet
template as an Energy Assistance application form. They had accumulated
over 16,000 of these spreadsheets. They asked, “Is there a way to append this information to the client files we have already scanned, short of opening each spreadsheet in Excel and snapshotting them to the appropriate destinations?”

Simple Solution:

We were able to move the spreadsheets into Laserfiche, snapshotting all of them, and creating a QuickFields session that solved their problem. Using only 5 hours of our time and the power of Laserfiche,
we were able to save the customer many, many hours of time.

Larry Phelps

Minneapolis Minnesota