Great new Canon Scanner

If you are looking for a good desktop scanner for using with your Laserfiche document imaging, you should look at the Canon 3010C.

Canon 3010c Scanner
Canon 3010c Scanner
30 page per min
color scanner with 50 page sheet feeder
Document  Width: 2″ – 8.5″  Length: 2.1″ – 14″

Canon Networked Scanner

Canon Network Attached Scanner

Here is a new scanner that we are really excited about.  It  scans directly to e-mail, FTP, shared-folders, and USB memory. You can choose from personal and shared address books and customize Job Buttons.   So for example, you can have accounting people log into the system simply by using the build in finger print recognization and scan directly to a accounting folder.

You can use Laserfiche import agent to automatically import the documents into Laserfiche in the proper folders.   Another easy method using the email feature, you can email documents directly into specified folders in Laserfiche using the Email Importer we developed.

If you would like to see it in action, just let me know.

Larry Phelps

Solbrekk, Inc

Minneapolis, MN