Floods today in Missouri – Laserfiche is your disaster recovery plan

Laserfiche disaster recovery plan






Here is a picture I took today on my way to a business meeting.  It reminds me that using Laserfiche would help avoid a disaster if something like this happened to us.  See http://larry-phelps.com/floods-in-missouri for more info on floods and how to be prepared.





What if your employees were 40% more efficient?

one thing save 40% of your employees timeImagine if all your employees were made 40% more efficient.  I am sure that would make an amazing difference in your organization.   But, is it achievable?

Yes according to some industry experts, your staff is currently wasting 40% of their time doing this one thing.  What is it?  Read the following article to find out.



When Picking a Paperless Solution Requires More Than Leaving It To Chance

picking a paperless solutions








I was asked by a good client to help him find a paperless solution to replace a legacy system they had.  I was flatter that he had the confidence in me to do such an important task.  But, I was also afraid.  I didn’t know much about paperless technology and I didn’t really know how to begin.

I did have experience helping pick other software applications.  I knew that I needed a process.  Here is how I developed a process to evaluate and select a paperless solution.


One of the largest gathering of ECM users

laserfiche annual conference - MinnesotaThis coming Febuary over 3000 Laserfiche customers, partners and IT professionals attend Empower 2017. There will be more than 200 sessions and hands-on labs taught by industry experts, Laserfiche engineers, and customers. You will be able to see the latest releases and newest features in the Laserfiche product line. Another really great feature of this event is to be able to hear for many of this years top customer use cases – called Run Smarter. They are organizations that use Laserfiche to improve their productivity, processes and overall results. These are great sessions to find ways that you can use Laserfiche ECM to make your organization more efficient and effective.

More Info on Laserfiche Empower 2017laserfiche-conference

Easy Steps to Selecting and Implementing a EDMS system

stairsAs you begin your journey to select and implement an electronic document management system, you’re going to find that there are many steps to take along the way.
Some of the initial steps might seem easy; such as . . .

Step 1: Determine Company Needs
Step 2: Define Goals for Project

Then things start to get a little steeper . . .

Step 3: Define Buying Criteria

Step 4: Justify Purchase by Calculating ROI
Wait! Step 4 sounds difficult, doesn’t it? That’s where Solbrekk really shines! We can give you a free report that will prove beyond a doubt that this is the best purchase your company will ever make. Don’t let this step become an obstacle, let us help you with the hard stuff!
And then it’s on to the final steps . . .
Step 5: Selecting the Perfect Vendor
Step 6: Implementation without hassle and headache!

At Solbrekk, we take these steps with our clients hand in hand, helping them with the hard stuff and making them the heroes of their company!
If you are having problems with any step along the way, simply enter your name and email and we will send you information that will help you with you achieve your goals!

Minnesota IIA finds Laserfiche Document Management solution a welcome relief

Minnesota Independent Insurance Agency moves from Docuware to Laserfiche and finds all the headaches and problems goes away.

“night and day difference”

Top 4 Benefits of Automated Workflow Processes for Businesses

electronic document managementIt cannot be argued that one of the major changes in business all over the world in technology has been the automation of workflow processes. Compared with the traditional methods of paper based work flow process which are not only slow but can leave a lot of room for error, the automated workflow processes are efficient, quick and can streamline one’s business functions.
It is not difficult to have document scanning and such middleware with the multi-functions products in existing system architecture nowadays. It is worthwhile to note that the learning curve for such systems is short because of the employees who already have experience interaction with the multifunction devices. Thus, implementing workflow automation in the office can bring a number of benefits for the business. Here are the top four key benefits that companies can get:
1. Controlled Costs, Access and Result/Impact: Automated workflow process can control costs that the business incurs. It can be easy to switch to it which will allow the company to accomplish not only cost cutting goals, but also provide easy access and instant impact upfront.
2. Increased Security: traditional workflow methods are not as secure and therefore, installing a proper workflow to automate business will be able to offer a company a range of security tools ranging from document management system to network.
3. Streamline Business Cycles & Limit Cycles: Automated processes in a business mean that there is more error-free workflows which can streamline the entire office and spread the efficiency on board.
4. Improved Efficiency: the traditional methods are time consuming, take more effort and are inefficient as a result. Switching to automated workflows can reduce the amount of work needed to regulate the business processes and also cut down on time – which is a cost too. This can in turn allow the business to spend more time on other important things.
These benefits can impact any organization in the longer run, very positively.