Laserfiche creates simple and elegant enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that help organizations run smarter. Since 1987, more than 28,000 organizations worldwide—including federal, state and local government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies—have used Laserfiche software to streamline document, records and business process management.
Laserfiche offers several core solution packages to address the business needs of small to large organizations, including Laserfiche Rio, an ECM solution that is straightforward to purchase, deploy, extend, and manage; and Laserfiche Avante, a powerful BPM solution with workflow automation.

The Laserfiche ECM system is designed to give IT managers central control over their information infrastructure, including standards, security and auditing, while still offering business units the flexibility to react quickly to changing conditions. The Laserfiche product suite is built on top of Microsoft technologies to simplify system administration, supports Microsoft SQL and Oracle platforms and features a seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications and a two-way integration with SharePoint.

Laserfiche distributes its software through a worldwide network of value-added resellers (VARs), who tailor solutions to clients’ individual needs. The Laserfiche VAR program has received the Five-Star Rating from VARBusiness magazine and Five-Star rating from Buyers Laboratory Inc</a

Laserfiche Product Information:

Laserfiche Avante
Laserfiche Avante brings together our industry-leading document management system and powerful, fully integrated Workflow functionality. Whether you have a staff of one or one hundred, you’ll simplify complex tasks, promote better decision making and keep your organization moving forward.
Laserfiche Avante’s licensing is based on the number of people who will be using the system—which makes it possible to calculate the cost of most systems by doing little more than counting employees.

Named user licenses include document management, Workflow, Snapshot and e-mail functionality, all for $500 per license
Avante Datasheet

Laserfiche Rio

Enterprise content management (ECM) systems promise to help organizations better manage their information, but systems intended to standardize business processes often end up confined to just one or two departments, because they simply aren’t flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of individual departments and offices.

The Rio ECM system is different:
Implement a global point of control for all your organization’s information, without forcing localized groups to change their existing business processes.
Extend the core Laserfiche strengths—information management, document imaging, DoD-certified records management, business process management, system activity monitoring and Web publishing—throughout your enterprise.
Calculate the cost of most systems by doing little more than counting employees, with easy-to-budget, easy-to-purchase named user licensing.
Use the unlimited Laserfiche Servers included with the Rio system to accommodate satellite offices, create failover environments or implement pilot projects.
Enable departmental staff or analysts to customize their individual views to suit their unique filing systems, implement customized workflows and accommodate specialized business processes, without interfering with centralized administration and control.
Complement your Microsoft SharePoint installation with document imaging and archiving, superior search functionality and a user-friendly interface.
Rio Brochure

Laserfiche Quick Fields
Laserfiche Quick Fields is an automated data capture solution that improves the efficiency of data entry and document organization. It automates processing for a high volume of information by capturing data from various formats and sorting documents according to custom criteria, helping you put content to use quickly.
Quick Fields Brochure

E-mail Plug-In Datasheet

Built on Microsoft standards that make it widely interoperable, extensible and easy to administer, Agile ECM engineered with Laserfiche and SharePoint is a complete information management ecosystem that allows IT managers to easily control unstructured content and improve data governance,
Laserfiche_SharePoint_Integration Datasheet

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