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Floods today in Missouri – Laserfiche is your disaster recovery plan

Laserfiche disaster recovery plan






Here is a picture I took today on my way to a business meeting.  It reminds me that using Laserfiche would help avoid a disaster if something like this happened to us.  See for more info on floods and how to be prepared.




What if your employees were 40% more efficient?

one thing save 40% of your employees timeImagine if all your employees were made 40% more efficient.  I am sure that would make an amazing difference in your organization.   But, is it achievable?

Yes according to some industry experts, your staff is currently wasting 40% of their time doing this one thing.  What is it?  Read the following article to find out.

When Picking a Paperless Solution Requires More Than Leaving It To Chance

picking a paperless solutions








I was asked by a good client to help him find a paperless solution to replace a legacy system they had.  I was flatter that he had the confidence in me to do such an important task.  But, I was also afraid.  I didn’t know much about paperless technology and I didn’t really know how to begin.

I did have experience helping pick other software applications.  I knew that I needed a process.  Here is how I developed a process to evaluate and select a paperless solution.