WARNING! Does The Document Imaging Consultant You Are Going To
Use Have These Qualifications?

1. Experience
You can hire a young consultant or you can hire experience.
Experience is less expensive in the long run. A young person is still
learning on the job, as situations arise they put that problem solving
knowledge in their bag of tricks, but the learning takes time, your
time. Experience has “done that been there” and saves time. My thirty
years of experience combined with my vast technical expertise is the
foundation, which I bring to each client account. This gets you solutions
to your I.T. problems fast, and you already know time is money.

Your business will benefit from my past experience with these clients.
IRS, IBM, AT&T, US Air Force, Bell Labs, Pepsi Cola, Cargill, State of MN,
City of Shoreview, City of St Paul, Goodhue County, Glencoe Hospital,
Champion Air, Community Action of Ramsey Washington, Communit Action Suburban Hennepin, and many more.

Businesses have unique problems that only another business owner can
really understand.

I started and ran my own I.T consulting business for thirteen years
before merging with Solbrekk, Inc. I understand what it takes to run
a business combined with the expertise that will deliver the solutions
you need quickly to keep your business running smooth and efficient.
2. Honesty
This is something that doesn’t get talked about much any more.
Unfortunately trust and credibility has been pushed aside and lying
cheating and stealing has become almost expected. You don’t have to
accept it. My honesty and straightforward approach to business has
earned me a noteworthy reputation for premier customer service.
Customer testimonials are available on request.

3. Guarantee
 You have expectations that need to be met by your vendors.
As a team we will work together to establish the goals of the project.
I will work for you until those objectives are reached to your
satisfaction… Guaranteed.

Larry Phelps

612 382 4069

2 thoughts on “How To Choose A Specialist

  1. Could you please send me a quote on software, two users, and a color scanner? I have seen a demo of laserfich and am just trying to get some quotes on the product.

    Thank you!

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