What experts say

experts advice about ECMProfessionals spend 50 percent of their time searching for information, and take 18 minutes to locate each document on average.
-Gartner Research

Companies typically misfile up to 20 percent of their records – thus losing them forever.
-ARMA International

$14,000 worth of productivity is lost per worker per year due to their inability to find the data they require to do their job.
-IDC Canada

A study conducted by The Delphi Group in 1999 found that 90% of typical office tasks still revolve around the gathering and distribution of paper documents. While 15% of all papers are lost, 30% of our time is used trying to find these lost documents. Companies on average spend $25,000 to fill a typical four-drawer file cabinet, $2,000 to maintain it each year, and over its life-span, a single sheet of paper ends up costing an average of $30.
-Delphi Group

US companies spend approximately $20 on labor costs in order to file a document, $120 on the labor required to find a misfiled document and $220 to reproduce a lost document.
-Coopers & Lybrand

For companies that manage their own files, employees spend between 20-40% of their time searching for documents manually.
-Coopers & Lybrand

90% of documents that are consulted daily are handled without any appropriate management.
-Coopers & Lybrand

For lost documents, companies pay a cost of searching, 6 times the value of the original document.
-Coopers & Lybrand

Companies that need to redo documents pay 11 times more than the cost of the original document.
-Coopers & Lybrand

Out of all documents generated, up to 7% are lost.
-Coopers & Lybrand

Employees spend more than 50% of their time searching for information.
-Coopers & Lybrand

Paper files are doubling every 3.5 years.
-Coopers & Lybrand

The average document is copied 19 times.
-Coopers & Lybrand

Each day one billion photocopies are made
-AIIM, Forrester, Star Securities, US Department of Labor

Can you imagine doubling your workload and decreasing staff? One CAP agency did just that.

Last year another community action agency close and their work load was transferred to Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County.

Their workload was increased from 12,000 applications to 22,000.  For the past 5 years they had 25 to 30 staff members to process 12,000 applications.  Normally, to process 22,000 applications, you would need 46 staff members.

We implemented Laserfiche workflow and they were able to process the increase with less staff.


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