My new favorite application for my Android phone.

I have tried out the new application that Laserfiche just released for the Android, the Laserfiche Mobile 9.1 App and Add-On for Laserfiche Web Access. It has many of the same features as the IPhone iOS app as well as an amazing new widget that allows you to quickly upload of new documents to Laserfiche.
This application is amazingly fast on my Galaxy s4. I can login, browse and display a document at if I was setting in my office running Laserfiche on my PC. I think it is now my favor application for my Android.
Here are the Features for Android app:
• Search across all documents in a repository.
• Pan, zoom, rotate, and easily access metadata while working with a document in the Document Viewer.
• Quickly create and upload new documents from your device’s camera, images in your device’s gallery and files stored on your device.
• Full support for Laserfiche 9.0 Business Processes, including starting business processes and viewing their details.
• Use personal libraries to create task lists or group related entries to make working with them faster and easier.
• Add, edit and view entry metadata.
• Process, clean up and compress captured documents for easier viewing.
• Capture the geographic coordinates of an image to allow linking documents to their mapped location.
• View and export PDFs and other electronic documents.
• E-mail document or folder links to colleagues.
• Manage documents using copy, move, rename and delete.
• A variety of security options keep documents secure in Laserfiche and on your device.
• Widget lets you quickly upload new documents and images.

If you are not sure what Laserfiche is, click on this link and I will show you.