ROI – Laserfiche Document Management System, Minneapolis Minnesota

Many people over the years have asked me isn’t a Laserfiche Document Management System very expensive, how can I justify the expense?

To answer this question let me take you back to my early days in the business world. I worked at a large computer manufacturer in R&D. We designed and manufactured the computer systems that ran business at that time. Main frames.

We had the best technology that was available to us. But, as you will see, it was not very effective or efficient compared to what you are used to today. We had about thirty people in our department. One manager, two supervisors, three managers, two secretaries and remaining engineers and technicians.

At the end of each month we had to report on our project activities. Each engineer would sit at their desk and write their report on a pad of paper and then turn it in to one of our secretaries. They would type a rough draft on their electric typewriter and return it to us usually within a day or two. We would then markup any change on the page with a red pen and turn in back in for revisions. The secretary would have to type from scratch the report from the marked up edition. If you were lucky, you could knock out your monthly report in two or three iterations. Then we would turn it into our supervisors who would use portions of our report in their monthly status report. Of course it all had to be typed from scratch. And, not surprisingly they had to revise it several times to get it just right to turn in to their manger. Who then when through the same process to create their report.

Can you imagine much of the same information was typed over and over again just to get a monthly report for one department of this large company? Thousands of hours were spend on this process.

Can you imagine how frustrated and inefficient you would be if you had to do this for just one day.

Then we purchase a word processor for each of the secretaries. These word processors were propriety mini-computer systems that had the capability to save what was typed for a short period. This revolutionized our month end report generation process.

Can you image that before we were able to purchase those word processors we spend a lot of time justifying to management why the purchase of such expensive technology was so important.

Today that scenario seems ridicules. With all the technology you have at your disposal. A PC with office applications and email just sitting on your desk. It is unimaginable to go back to the old way of doing your work with just a few typewriters per department. Justifying the technology on your desk is just a “no-brainer”.

If you are not using a document management system you are using the same techniques that our secretaries did some thirty years ago. Filing cabinets filled with file folders and paper.

Asking what the ROI in this light is seems ridicules. Look what moving to typewriter to the PC on each person desk has done for business. Laserfiche Document Management System will do the same. Don’t be bogged down thinking that electronic document management system is expensive and we need to look long and hard at the ROI.