Big Problem; Simple Solution

electronic document management

Big Problem:

A customer recently contacted us with this problem: They have been using a 2-page Excel spreadsheet
template as an Energy Assistance application form. They had accumulated
over 16,000 of these spreadsheets. They asked, “Is there a way to append this information to the client files we have already scanned, short of opening each spreadsheet in Excel and snapshotting them to the appropriate destinations?”

Simple Solution:

We were able to move the spreadsheets into Laserfiche, snapshotting all of them, and creating a QuickFields session that solved their problem. Using only 5 hours of our time and the power of Laserfiche,
we were able to save the customer many, many hours of time.

Larry Phelps

Minneapolis Minnesota

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Laserfiche is giving away free user licenses right now

Laserfiche announced their new, third quarter sales promotion: Buy ten named Avante users and get two users free! There is no limit on the number of free users you can get through this promotion, and it applies to both:
• Avante upgrades.
• New purchases for new and existing customers.

You also receive free Web Access and Audit Trail seats when these modules are included in the system purchase. Please note that your customers must purchase LSAP coverage for all of their free seats.

If you are still using Laserfiche Standard Edition or Team Edition and would like to use the capability of Laserfiche Workflow, now would be a good time to look into upgrading.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Larry Phelps
Minneapolis, MN