Changing their default email font saves an organization thousand of dollars! Does that sound crazy to you?

The University of Wisconsin has made a simple change that will save them thousands of dollars.  They have changed the default font on their email system to Century Gothic, which uses about 30% less ink than Arial.

It seems amazing that a simple change like this can save so much money, but doesn’t it make you think? Why are they printing all these emails?

I saw a demo of a product that answers this question.  You have probably been emailed a PDF that you had to print to fill out a form.  That form is then faxed and printed, someone manually enters the data from the form, and then the form is filed.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if that form was filled out online, the data automatically entered, and the form electronically filed.  That would save a lot more money than changing a font.

See credit application form example:

See simple engineer change form example: