Why should you consider implementing Laserfiche Document Imaging?

 In the past several months I have asked this question to several people and here are their answers:

 “We are running out of filing space in our office and expanding this building would cost us over $300,000. Laserfiche will cost us a fraction of that price.”

“I have been doing this job for over 25 years and I know too much. I can find important documents because of what I remember. If I leave, that knowledge is gone and so is the ability to find those documents.”

“We get requests for information that is in storage. It typically takes us 2 or 3 days to get back to our customers.”

“Our off-site document storage costs us over $750 per month and the cost is climbing. I would rather put that money toward document imaging.”

“We manually route paper job folders through our plant to manage our production. Automating this with Laserfiche Workflow would help us be more efficient.”

“We are storing so much paper, you can’t even imagine. I knew an imaging system would help us. But when I saw Laserfiche, I was amazed. I can see so many ways it can help us. I had no idea something as powerful as Quickfields existed.”


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