Top 10 Excuses to Remain in a Paper-Mess

For many of us, top ten lists have been a part of our late night routine.  We stayed up to watch David Letterman’s monologue because it was alway funny and entertaining.

I have found a top ten list developed by a non-profit organization, AIIM, that helps people find, control, and optimize their information.  It gives the top 10 excuses for not considering a document imaging system this year.

If you have been looking at implementing a document imaging system such as Laserfiche, you may be asking, will this technology help my business be more efficient?  How do I justify this expense at this time?  What is my return on investment (ROI)?

I think that AIIM’s short videos will help answer all of these questions and more:

Excuse 1:

Excuse 2:

Excuse 3:

Excuse 4:

Excuse 5:

Excuse 6:

Excuse 7:

Excuse 8:

Excuse 9:

Excuse 10:

If you would like more info on and the answer to these excuses click here.

I hope you find this helpful in considering if now is a good time to implement Laserfiche document imaging and management software.

Larry Phelps


Minneapolis, Minnesota

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