Laserfiche WorkFlow Version 8 Is Now Shipping

Laserfiche has greatly improved Workflow with their release 8. We now have many more tools and much more flexability to automate your business processes with this version.

A few of the high lights of this version are:
– Improved Intuitive Graphic Interface
– New Workflow Designer allow complex task to be define easily
– Improved task management
– Base on Windows Workflow Foundation
– XML file format

Learn more about Laserfiche Workflow 8

Laserfiche now shipping version 8.1!

If you have been waiting to upgrade from Laserfiche version 7, now is probably the time to consider upgrading. Laserfiche 8.1 includes the following enhancements:

– Restore deleted pages from the Recycle Bin.
– Preview pane for viewing pages, annotations, and other
document properties from the Folder Browser.
– Search fields, text, annotations and file names in one simple search.
– Updates to annotations, including new polygon annotations.
– LDAP integration.
– Connection encryption using SSL/TSL.
– Improved volume management tools.
– Repository locking for cleaner administration maintenance

For more details on Laserfiche version 8.1CLICK HERE