Hosted Laserfiche

Our hosted Laserfiche solution enables you to use top-class document imaging and management applications without the cost of buying, managing, and supporting the underlying technology.

Why store your documents using our hosted Laserfiche solution?

– Minimal up-front costs
– Predictable monthly fee
– Fast and simple  implementation
– Better security
– Guaranteed data security, data back-up, and disaster recovery plan

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Great new Canon Scanner

If you are looking for a good desktop scanner for using with your Laserfiche document imaging, you should look at the Canon 3010C.

Canon 3010c Scanner
Canon 3010c Scanner
30 page per min
color scanner with 50 page sheet feeder
Document  Width: 2″ – 8.5″  Length: 2.1″ – 14″

So you’ve decided to implement a document management system at your business…now who is going to do all that work?

Choose CHOICE, Inc. to help you convert your paper documents to electronic files!  People from CHOICE, Inc. are people with developmental disabilities who know how to get the job done.
Choice will place workers onsite to:
      – Prepare documents:  pull paper clips, staples, and post-it notes from
        paper, stack paper neatly 
      – Scan documents:  feed pages into scanner and ensure documents are filed
        on the electronic database
      – Destroy documents:  if necessary, shred paper documents after they’re
CHOICE, Inc. is a non-profit entity dedicated to the creation of labor solutions since 1969–serving over 70 companies currently.  They provide an individual or a group supervised by one of our staff to complete your work, and they are an affordable option for quality services.  Employers choose Choice because they are dependable and competent.  Call the Job Developer today at 952-474-9510 for a free phone consultation and quote.  You may also visit for more information.

I know that paperwork is weighing down our staff…but is now the right time to spend money on paperless technology?


 What would you think if:
     – there were minimal upfront costs?
     – its annual cost was a fraction of what experts say it costs to fill a
       single 4-drawer filing cabinet?
     – it’s as easy to operate as Windows Explorer?
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Would you like to access Laserfiche documents directly from your line-of- business application?

Affinity brings the power of Laserfiche® document management to the applications you use most.  Document searches can be reduced to a single click of a button.  New documents can be added to your Laserfiche repository without manually entering template field values, file names, or folder locations.  Affinity truly makes Laserfiche feel like part of your business software.
The best part about Affinity is its simplicity.  Laserfiche functionality can be added to most application screens within minutes–no programming required.



Free Document Imaging and Management Overview go to: