What’s the ROI on document imaging?

A recent Price Waterhouse study provides evidence that document imaging could have a very quick ROI for your organization.

They searched 10,000 documents looking for a specific topic, author, and date range. A manual search of the paper files performed by a staff of paralegals took 67 hours and found 15 documents. The same search performed using a document imaging system took 4.5 seconds and found 20 documents.

What is the cost if a law firm cannot find 5 critical documents?

Larry Phelps
Solbrekk, Minneapolis MN

6 responses to “What’s the ROI on document imaging?

  1. There are so many reasons to endorse document imaging including the long term costs savings to any company and labor and materials as well as the environmental affects.

  2. Good basic example, however there are just so many simpler day to day tasks that are overlooked. Would love to see a real in-depth study carried out on true savings…Have blogged about this


  3. If you are looking for some additional information on EDM – Electronic Document Managements systems. If found that Andrew Smith has many good article on his blog. One of my favorite is;

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