Stop being efficient!

Recently, I met with a business manager who was proudly telling me how efficient his employees were, as he was showing me his immaculate paper filing system.  He was right.  His employees put a lot of effort into making sure all their paperwork was neatly filed and organized.  Everything had its place and everything was in its place.  But one thing that occurred to me was that in the process of being efficient, I think he lost the reason they had all this paperwork to begin with.  It seemed that the paperwork was more important than what it represented:  customers and customers’ needs.

How much better off would the company be if they used technology to minimize the time needed to handle the paperwork and spent that time contacting and servicing their clients?

Author Michael E. Gerber, in the introduction of the E-Myth Revisited, says:  “The problem is not that businesses in this country don’t work; the problem is that they’re working on the wrong work.”

What is the difference between being efficient and being effective?  Which would you rather be?

Efficient can be defined as doing things well.

Effective is doing the right things.

My advice to the business manager is use technology, such as Laserfiche Document Management software, to help his organization become more efficient; then his employees will have more time to be effective.

Here are a couple of good articles if you would like to study this subject in more depth:  

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