Are you improving? Document Imaging may be your answer!

I recently read an article about a Japanese management strategy called Kaizen.   It is continuous slow improvement.  It is often used in manufacturing as an efficiency and defect-proofing process.  But Kaizen also, emphasizes the well-being of the employee, working smarter, not harder and developing best practices.

In your organization are employees spending countless hours each month shuffling paperwork?  What do you think the outcome would be if they spend those hours discovering other areas in your organization that could be improve?
Many people attempt to make radical changes to their organizations often fail because their employees get overwhelmed and resist the changes.  But, when presented with simple steps that they can quickly see improvement, helps to convert your employees from “resisters” to “changers”.

I often tell my customers, the best path to success in business is “evolution not revolution”!
I encourage you to look at document imaging as step one in your continuous improvement process.   In the past 13 years we have installed Laserfiche in all types of organizations and have seen huge success in making them more efficient and effective.  It is fun to see how quickly even the “resisters” are learning the system and finding new ways to use Laserfiche.

If you have any questions about document imaging or Laserfiche, feel free to contact me.

Hope you found this post helpful.

Larry Phelps, VP Sales Solbrekk

Minneapolis, MN