Help a small hospital win a $1M MRI

Siemens is giving away a new state of the art MRI machine to one hospital in the United States!  The machine is worth over 1 million dollars.  It is a contest and hospitals (180 beds or less) were asked to make a 2 minute video explaining why they needed the MRI machine.   A group of us here at the hospital got together and shot a video last weekend.  It was submitted to Siemens yesterday and it is now on their website.  This is simply a popularity contest.  America is voting for their favorite video.  And the facility with the most votes wins!!  The odds are great- we have about a 1 in 100 chance of winning! The contest began on Monday October 23, 2007 and ends on December 31, 2007.   People can vote once a day every day until the end of December.   We need your help!  To help us reach our goal to win we need to get ourselves in the top 10 in the next few weeks.  So please go out to the website and vote!!  You can vote from your computer here at work and also vote on your computer at home every day.  Spread the word- tell your family and friends!  We can do this!    The website is  All videos are listed- look for Glencoe Regional Health Services, watch the 2 minute video and click on the vote button!  (You have to watch the video 1 time thru before you can vote!)

Beware of these PDF attachments

Be aware of attached documents delivered as a piece of spam with a filename such as ‘BILL.pdf’ or ‘INVOICE.pdf’.


One more reason not to use PDF’s, they can be dangerous

I don’t know how many times I have been told that “I don’t need a document imaging system, I store my documents on PDF’s on my network”.  You will find other posting here on my blog stating my reasons I think this is a bad practice.  But, here is a new and even more important reason.   Relying on a Adobe reader for your important documents is not a good business decision; here is an article that Adobe has fessed up to a dangerous code execution vulnerability affecting software programs installed on millions of Windows machines, with no real supported fix.


This is why I recommend Laserfiche document imaging software for your critical business documents.

Hope you find this information helpful.

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VP Sales


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