Document Imaging – Lost Files

If you lost a $100 bill how would you feel?

If you had ten $100 bills in your billfold and you
lost it how would you feel?

After you frantically retraced your steps and didn’t find it
you’d probably be sick to your stomach.

Why? It’s just paper. That’s a ridiculous comment isn’t it?

It’s not just paper, those are $100 bills!

Now let me ask you another question. How many important
papers that are worth far more that ten $100 bills are in
your file drawers in your office?

How many of them have been lost? You may not know until you
need them.

If you can’t find them how much could that cost? It depends
doesn’t it?

Are you getting that sick feeling again? Are you wondering
what’s missing?

There is a solution to the problem and it’s very inexpensive,
it’s called document imaging.

Here is an article about lost documents, just reading it is
frustrating and I can’t imaging what all of the legal
opinions cost the city.

Check it out.

Would you like to talk about that sick feeling? Send me an
email at

Take care,

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